Craft Distilling Yeasts

15 unique strains. The cream of the crop. From Whiskey to Rum, Vodka to NGS, the choice is yours. It's the yeast we could do.




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Because simple is always better, we have simplified a three tier pricing across our 15 distiller's yeast strains. And all freight and customs charges are included in the price. Hassle free purchasing with a few easy clicks. We also offer wholesale pricing for licensed distilleries, breweries and wineries. Please note that we only have one (1) selling price for our bulk 10 kg yeast size, i.e. wholesale. So if you make a lot of 'shine, you dont need to be a licensed distiller to buy big and save. 

All prices are in USD. Prices shown are consumer prices. Distilleries, please register here for Wholesale Pricing.

Whiskey, whisky, uisge beatha. Whichever way you spell it, we'll help you draft a distinct wee dram. 

Whether fermenting simple sugars or complex grains, our NGS strains are anything but bland.  

Whether you like it stirred or shaken, our premium vodka strain mixes well with grains or potatoes. 

Light 'n floral or dark 'n stormy, our rum strains will stand the test of time.

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